The Encounter Bible Series meets all the Standards as developed by the North American Bible Standards Committee. All fundamental beliefs are integrated throughout.

Grades 1-8

The Elementary Scope and Sequence of the Encounter Bible Series.


Grades 9-12

The Secondary Scope and Sequence of the Encounter Bible Series.













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Grade 9

God: The I Am

[ Vision ]

An exploration of God’s existence, who He is, what He is like, and how we can have a real relationship with Him.

9.1a  The Reality of God

9.1b  Character of God

9.1c  A God Worth Knowing






God on a Cross

[ Gospel ]

God’s response to the problem of sin was to send Jesus, the ultimate gift to humankind. Through Jesus’ humble birth, His childhood, baptism, temptation, ministry in the Passion Week, and His death and resurrection, we come to see a loving Father who gives all as a result of His love for us.

9.2a  God on Earth

9.2b  The Week of the Cross

9.2c  God: From Death to Life




God Gifts Part 1

[ Vision / Gospel ]

God has chosen to lavish His love upon us through many gifts. Through a deeper understanding of the gift of creation, we can appreciate and defend a creationist worldview. In looking at the Sabbath throughout history, and how God has sought to restore it for His people, we truly come to appreciate this gift.

9.3a  The Gift our World—Creation

9.3b  The Gift of the Sabbath



God Gifts Part 2

[ Lordship / Presence ]

God’s gift of grace as seen through Old Testament stories shows us a loving God who forgives in spite of failure. When we view our lives in light of who we truly are (God’s sons and daughters), this changes the way we see ourselves and others. These gifts illustrate God’s desire to have an intimate and unique relationship with us.

9.4a  The Gift of Grace

9.4b  The Gift of Identity


Grade 11

God’s Word

[ Vision / Lordship ]

God's Word has endured the test of time, despite certain challenges throughout history. These words are trustworthy and true, and help us to know Him.

11.1  The Bible: Trustworthy & Enduring







God Is Our Victor

[ Vision / Gospel / Lordship / Presence ]

God has been personally involved in our earth’s history right from the start. This gives us security, as He has foretold with complete accuracy what has happened in the past. We can trust Him to lead with confidence, both now and in the future.

11.2 God: Sovereign King  [Daniel]







God Is My Victor

[ Vision / Gospel / Lordship / Presence ]

Through the study of Revelation, we can more completely understand Jesus as our Hero, our Defender, our Deliverer, and the only One worthy to save us. God has revealed with complete accuracy what has happened in the past and what will happen in the final hours of earth’s history. We can be reassured that there is nothing to fear as long as we cling to Jesus.

11.3 Jesus: Worthy Conqueror [Revelation]

God Is My Guide

[ Vision / Gospel / Lordship / Presence ]

Trusting that God knows the beginning and the end, equips us in our walk with Him as we have nothing to fear for the future with Him by our side. He will be victorious. Will we choose Him as Victor in our lives?

11.4 Holy Spirit: Leading Guide [Adventist Heritage]

Grade 10

The God-Choice

[ Vision / Lordship ]

God has pursued His chosen people throughout history, yet repeatedly they have chosen the world above Him. In the Old Testament stories of Hosea, David and Ruth, we see the characteristics of individuals who lived their lives after God’s own heart.

10.1a  Hosea: Extreme Love

10.1b  David: After His Heart



God’s Heart

[ Gospel / Lordship  ]

Jesus shared many profound, eternal truths while on this earth. These messages can encourage, inspire and draw us closer to His heart.

10.2a  Jesus: Messages from His Heart











Sharing God

[ Gospel / lordship / Presence ]

The birth of the early church brought challenges and wonder as the Holy Spirit was poured onto people committed to living after God’s own heart. Jesus’ followers were empowered with His message, and shared it passionately, despite the consequences. With the Holy Spirit empowering our lives, we too can share God’s messages with the world.

10.3a  Acts: A Heart to Share


God in My World

[ Lordship / Presence ]

When we are living after God’s own heart, connected to Jesus, our lives, and the ways in which we relate to the world around us change. Our relationship with God will determine things such as: our prayer life, Bible study, how we view God’s law, and how we make discerning lifestyle choices. God calls us to live for Him in every aspect of our lives.

10.4a  My Heart: Living in the Waiting

Grade 12

Perspectives on God

[ Vision / Gospel ]

Humanity’s need to believe in something is captured in the world’s religions. Christianity offers something that the others don’t—salvation from God Himself. The fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, as founded on the Bible, can play a significant role in helping us understand what we personally believe.

12.1  World Religions and My Faith

Worldviews and God

[ Vision / Gospel / Lordship ]

Our view of God can be impacted by many things and is largely dependent on our understanding of the Bible, our personal worldview, and our faith. Our worldview will impact how we respond to the tough questions in life, such as how to respond to suffering, one’s purpose in life, and various ethical dilemmas. Both the big and the small choices we make each day can honor God through the way we live our lives.

12.2  Ethics and Morality

God in My Relationships

[ gospel / lordship ]

The Bible, (and in particular, Paul’s writings), offers advice about relationships, in areas such as friendships, dating, marriage, family, and conflict resolution. Our earthly relationships are important to God, as they are an opportunity to put our faith into practice.

12.3  My Relationships






The God of the Gospels

[ Vision / Gospel / Lordship / Presence ]

The book of John offers portraits of Christ. Each of these portraits can deepen our understanding of the Savior of the world, and our relationship with Him.

12.4  The Gospel of John


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